The Voice of the State: Stand Strong

Good afternoon Patriots, During these times of uncertainty, tension, and chaos, please understand and believe that we are a Nation of very strong people who understand how to ban together to overcome all adversity. It started 245 years ago when 3% of our forefathers came together to face and defeat the tyranny of England. They then formed a Nation of strong people who understand what it means to overcome adversity. We at American Patriot III% CA have always understood the need to prep for these tough times, train to engage difficult situations, and to come together as a team to protect each other. Let's keep reminding ourselves that this country has been through far more then we could ever imagine. Please take this time that many of us have in confinement to research information that will ultimately make us more prepared, better trained, and stronger Patriots. Practice some of the skill sets you have already learned. Communicate with your fellow Patriots, with those friends you have not spoken with in some time, and reach out to family members. Also remember that mental health and physical health is extremely important when we are under the stress that we are facing during confinement. This is exactly what we train for. Together... we will get through this. Stay safe... and stay healthy.

Fran aka “Spade”, State Commanding Officer