CALL TO ACTION: Join the Fight Against COVID-19 Patriots III% - California is not a group to stand still when the country is in need. As expected, we are stepping up to the plate because our communities are our first priority.

Just a few weeks ago, member Shayna aka “Baynabanana”, began an effort to single handedly sew as many masks as possible right from home. Ultimately she has led the effort for a statewide implementation, and over the last few weeks, we have received an outpouring of gratitude and support. Today, APIII% is banding together to sew and distribute personal protective equipment (masks) throughout the state of California. Recipients include first responders, food banks, woman’s shelters, senior centers and essential works.

Although the CDC does not consider homemade masks to be effective for clinical environments, they do provide a level of personal protection for nonclinical roles and we aim to get hundreds of masks out over the coming weeks with your help.

You can join the fight too! Make a donation today to go towards the purchase of materials. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the material and shipping costs. Simply submit your donation through PayPal to

"Doing my part to help out the boys in blue next stop first responders and women's shelter tomorrow". ~Joe aka "Shadow Star"

If your are looking for a like-minded group who trains for situations like this everyday, consider joining American Patriots III% - California. APPLY TODAY

Author: "Stitches" SPRO