Tarps & Shelters

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I want people to think, outside the box, with what you have around you, not everyone that comes to APIII% has outdoor skills sharpened quiet yet. Us members that have been around a little longer are here to help. Many people live in urban areas, never been around and had the opportunity to get outside of there comfort zone, or spent any amount of times in the woods to get more knowledge and build life saving skills. My goal is to get you to think, Not everyone has a bug out bag or the funds to put together these important items just Yet. "IT TAKES TIME"

So back to: Tarps and Shelters are one of my go tos for everything, I love them, I do not discriminate LOL.

But boy, can they save your life. I suggest everyone have at least 2 in your Car, and Home and Bug out location, they are so cheap, put a few in your stash spots. Here are basic simple ways to protect yourself, make Shelter collect water and collect leaves from the ground, To add padding to your bed and to add warmth to the inside of your shelter.

When ever you get the chance, practice, it's kinda fun, at least for me. All you need is your living room, back yard, or out in my favorite place the woods, play with all the many different ways you can protect your family and yourself, with temporary shelter

Author: Shana Veillette

Posteed by: SPRO "Stitches"